PLEASE HELP!!!!! NOT MULTIPLE CHOICE! 1. A store sells ladders.♦ The retail price was a 40 percent markup over the manufacturer price. ♦ A month later, the store reduced the retail price of the ladder by 25 percent. What percent markup is the new retail price over the manufacturer price?2. Mr. Adams had 24 guests at his house for a party. Each guest brought one item. ♦ One-third of the guests brought drinks.♦ One-fourth of the guests brought a dessert.♦ The rest of the guests brought chips. How many guests brought chips?3. A kitchen is shaped like a rectangle with dimensions of 1112 ft by 912 ft. The floor of the room is made of square tiles with a side length of 12 ft. What is the number of tiles that will cover the kitchen floor?4. What is the value of −2{4 + (12)2}the four is supposed to be Squared or have the little 2

Accepted Solution

1. 40% - 25%
ANSWER = 15%

2. There are 24 guests. 1/3 is 8 guests (drinks). 1/4 is 6 guests (desserts). The remaining guests (chips) = 24 - (8+6)
= 24 - 14.
ANSWER: 10 guests brought chips.

3. Not 100% sure about this one, though.
The area is 1112 ft x 912 ft = 1014144 sq ft. You divide the area of the kitchen by the area of the tile (144 sq ft), which is 7042.666667. Because its not a whole number, one of the tiles won't fit completely, so you get rid of it completely and round the number down.
ANSWER = 7042 tiles ???

4. Use BIDMAS for this one (Brackets, Indices, Divison, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction)
-2[4^2 + (12)2]
Get rid of the (12) first
Now the other brackets.
4^2 (or 4 squaresquared, with the little 2) is 16, so you do 16+24.
-2(40) or -2 x 40
ANSWER = -80